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Have a Fun-Filled Day with the Family at Sanibel Island|Custom Gift Art


Sanibel Island is Florida’s top family-friendly destination, located a few miles south of Fort Myers. Its pristine white beaches attract thousands of visitors each year. The island has a lot to offer with their rich ecosystem.

But the main attraction in Sanibel Island is the beautiful beaches paired with perfect waves for surfing.

Beaches at Sanibel Island

There are a lot of beaches and parks around on Sanibel Island but these two are the best.

Bowman’s Beach

Vacationers head directly to Sanibel’s most popular beach – Bowman’s Beach. It’s a perfect place to breathe in that Vitamin Sea as much as you can. Bowman’s Beach also attracts surfers and serves as a good place to dock for sailors. Even though there are a lot of tourists in some days, it still feels secluded, away from the busy street lights. Try to dig in and find some interesting shells along its shorelines. People never miss their chance finding unique conches and cockles on this beach.

Blind Pass Beach

For a bit more shell hunting place, Blind Pass Beach is a great destination. Although the currents are too strong to swim, the fun happens along its shorelines. Located between Sanibel and Captiva Island, Blind Pass Beach is more of an adventure. The place is more like an off the beaten destination where the currents carry a lot of shells.  

Other Attractions on the Island

Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum

Most shell hunter fanatics do not miss their chance of going to the Shell Museum. The place houses some of the biggest shells ever found on the continent. Their exhibits have a lot of fascinating finds where novices can have references of what kind of shells they found on the beach.

J.N. ("Ding") Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Sanibel is also teeming with wildlife along with other adventurous things to do. Try to visit the Darling National Wildlife Refuge, or what locals refer to as DING. It’s a 5,200-acre land serves as a huge refuge for animals and other endangered species. Jay Norwood Darling better known as DING Darling, an editorial cartoonist founded the wildlife refuge. Today, it is home to hundreds of animals like the endangered giant manatees and an abundance of bird life.

Most visitors enjoy their kayaking trails in the afternoon. Many like to take advantage of the beautiful scenery which they either hike the trail or traverse it on a bike.  For families who have smaller children, they can drive leisurely through the refuge. Driving into the wildlife refuge is a simple yet enjoyable experience for the kids as they look out the windows and name a few animals on the way.

Great Calusa Blueway

To fully enjoy the clear waters of Sanibel Island, the Great Calusa Blueway offers a canoe and kayak trail. It stretches 190 miles of trails made for beginners and advance peddlers. It’s a great destination to just relax and enjoy the view from the sea.

Botanical Gardens at Sanibel Moorings Resort

To cap off your vacation at Sanibel Island head on to Sanibel Moorings Resort. Their botanical garden has a lot of varieties of both native and non-native plants. Its humble beginnings inspire most people. The gardener at this 6-acre land brought in some rare plants on his own. It now flourishes as a beautiful garden and even designated as an official botanic garden in 2009.
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