Friday, October 6, 2017

Have an Exciting Adventure in Palm Beach|Wood Art You Need to Have in Your Home


Palm Beach is a town in Florida that separates cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. It is a promising urban center with 47 miles of beautiful beaches in the United States. It has world class fine dining experience, shops, and entertainment. 

Small as it is, Palm Beach is one of the richest city in the world. The industrialist Henry Flager founded the island where he saw a big potential for the upper class family to reside in the 20th century. The interesting town surrounds the West Palm region, many of these towns are situated near the beach. Many craftspeople and artists showcase their art collection in downtown. From arts and fun recreational activities, Palm Beach has it all, and you will never run out of things to do. 


Fill your eyes and stomach in CityPlace, one of the biggest attractions in South Florida. It is a place where you can enjoy shopping from different well-known shops as well as indulge in top class restaurants. CityPlace has a very upbeat vibe where you can enjoy entertainment and live music. If you love shopping, you will definitely adore going into this place which has trendy shops of jewelry, gift shops, and clothing apparels. You can choose from Mexican, Japanese, and Southwestern cuisines. to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can grab an ice cream or frozen yogurt in the area. 

Panther Ridge

Judy Berens started the whole idea of saving big cats in the 90s which now turned into a sanctuary for the lucky felines. Berens would bring endangered and sickly large felines and nurse them back to health. The place would let you feel that you are in the middle of the untouched jungle. The conservation center serves as a facility for these big cats to wander freely in in the grounds, replicating their natural habitats. Other felines are protected in large cages that made to look like they are living in some jungle in Africa equipped with pools. 

The conversation center no has 20 clouded leopards, jaguars, tigers, endangered black panthers, cheetahs, and mountain lions. Watch in awe as Berens enter some of the cages and play with them. You can also enjoy petting some of the little cubs through the fence. 

Ragtops Motorcars Palm Beach

Bring out the motor head in you and check out Automobile Museum. Ragtops Motorcars Palm Beach in West Palm is one of the most visited automobile museums in town. The museum houses both classic and ambitious car designs throughout the history. The best part of the museum? They actually sell some of the restored automobiles in the museum like a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette and other classic beauty.  Other displays include street racers, convertibles, roadsters, movie cars and even luxury cars. Ragtops Motorcars also showcase Golden Age Automobile memorabilia, oil company emblems, and roadside signs. 

Rapids Water Park

If you are looking for an activity for the whole family, you can go to Rapids Water Park located north of West Palm in Riviera Beach. The water park is a popular destination since 1979 which offers several water slides for all ages. The have Pirate Plunge for the adventurous spirit that has two high-speed drops in a seven-story platform. Little kids will love playing activities in their Barefootin bay. You can also ride the six-foot waves in Big Surf.

Antique Row Art and Design District

When it’s time to head home, don’t forget to bring some souvenirs with you. THe best place to scout for these treasures is the Antique Row Art & Design District. More than 40 sellers of priceless antiques dating back from 17th to 20th century, you will surely find the right treasure for you. Take time to scout the many shops like Iconic Snob Galeries, Notso Fine Art, The Elephant’s Foot and Coastal Girls Co. Two of the notable diners to check in the area are City Diner and the Rhythm Café.

If you're looking for a souvenir to commemorate your trip to Palm Beach, here's a custom made 3D Nautical Wood chart from Carved Lake Art. 

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