Wednesday, January 24, 2018

San Francisco Bay: History

There’s so much to learn from the history of the world. In fact, there might be too much for one reading. You can’t possibly know every single history tidbit today, but the important ones are a few clicks away. In the case of the history of San Francisco, that history is filled with tragedies, victories, and transitions. It’s hard to be accurate about where to start in understanding San Francisco Bay’s roots, but we can still try.

In this article, we will dig up some of the relevant historical events and trivia that ever happened in San Francisco Bay. Let’s start.


The Historical Tidbits

It may be good to start the history of San Francisco Bay by restating the fact that it is one of the best-looking natural harbors in the world. It’s also interesting to note that the land has lain undiscovered for at least two centuries since it was first explored during the various California expeditions.

The first leading expedition in San Franciso Bay was led by the great conquistadors of the European countries in 1522, just about thirty short years after Columbus’ exploration of the great New World. The expedition was made possible because of the colonizers’ ability to amass hundreds of soldiers near Acapulco right near Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Another interesting historical event that happened in the Bay was the time when a series of political strifes delayed the conquistadors to expand their plans. San Francisco Bay was also the first place in 1769 that the explorer Gaspar de Portola found in his efforts to expand his voyage.

San Francisco Bay was also the land where Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo established an expedition commanded by Mexico’s viceroy in 1542. He was the man who then became the first European to explore the present-day California. The expedition he led was not smooth-sailing. In fact, he did not sail too close to anywhere near the bay’s coast in fear of thunderous storms that could capsize their ships. With that exploration. He became one of the pioneers who were able to reach explorations toward northern California.

Another historical event about San Francisco Bay was when the Portuguese-born explorer Sebastiano Cermeo explored the bay on his way to the California coastline. He was able to do this after four months of traveling with his crew at the present day Drake Bay. He did this with the help of a crew with 70 men. He ended the trip after going to Acapulco and establishing their camp there.

Another exciting historical event that happened in San Francisco Bay is when in 1602 Sebastian Vizcaino explored Santa Barbara and Monterey and established his roots there.

Summary and Conclusion

There’s a lot of history and stories behind San Francisco Bay. With this article, you learned where to start studying San Francisco and the right keywords to search to learn more about it. With this article, you now have an overview of the landscape that surrounds this historical place.

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