Monday, January 29, 2018

Must Do’s When Visiting Lake Travis


With great bodies of water come great opportunities, with great bodies of land to boot. Texas is perfect for people looking for adventures in the warm air. What better way to spend it than close to a nice cool lake.

Lake Travis’ winding, dragon-like shape is already a sight on its own. The road trips are great here and vacation rentals. But why settle for views alone if the place offers more, much more than that?

Hey, Cupcake!

What’s Hey Cupcake? It’s a nice shiny little trailer with a big pink cupcake on top. They sell cupcakes, hence the name. Why mention it here? Because they are the first food trailer to ever set foot in Lake Travis. They sell cupcakes and ice-cream, with seasonal recipes worth watching out for, such as the winter-season mint-chocolate cupcakes, to the Pumpkinator, an autumn treat that sells like pancakes, (or cupcakes for that matter.)

If you want a bite of this, look for the shiny trailer around Ranch Road 620 and 2222. They are pretty hard to miss.

Lake Travis Zipline

Rushing through the air at speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour, at a height exceeding 100 feet, with an almost unbeatable view of the lake. Sounds fun? If so, you shouldn’t miss the zip line. It’s 2800 feet of cable, arguably the longest zip line in Texas. This is a great outdoor recreation activity besides the golf courses you might be used to at home. 

Located at 14529 Pocohontas Trail in Leander, the zip line starts on top of a hill. You are then strapped into a special harness which will have you zipping past a body of water and to the other side. The experience may be brief for those watching from afar, but to the ones strapped and sailing through the air, it lasts long enough for a lifetime of memories. Unless you’re a budding thrill seeker, or an enthusiast of outdoor adventures, especially yourself.

Flat Creek Estate Winery

For the connoisseur of all that is fine and wine, Lake Travis has its fair share. Among the distilleries, one worth mentioning is the Flat Creek Estate Winery. They offer great food (with pizzas and pastries being the people’s choice), wine tasting, and an amazing ambiance that really puts it all together.

This land of goodness is located around 24912 Singleton Bend East Rd in Marble Falls. You can choose to either wander around for a bit or sit down and have the staff serve you. Once you’re nice and fed, you can have a tour of the Marble Falls and partake in some wine tasting. If you want to take home some of the goodness, you can purchase one from their gallery of unique wine and spirits.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

This is not just any ordinary swimming hole, Hamilton Pool Preserve is one that is rich in nature. The place is filled with nearly everything nature can display when it comes to rock and water. There are waterfalls, pools under natural rock formations, and enough greenery to satisfy any nature-lovers.

Located in 24300 Hamilton Pool Road in Dripping Springs, this swimming hole often needs a reservation. Expect long line in the weekend, and keep a lookout if they allow swimming for the day. Weather dictates if swimming is allowed, but there’s far more to enjoy apart from it.

If you are looking for great road trips, wedding venues, outdoor recreations, and stunning real estate, then Lake Travis is a must-visit

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