Wednesday, January 24, 2018

San Juan Islands: What To Do

There are many things to do in San Juan Islands. In fact, one day may not be enough to explore all the wonderful things and places in the islands of San Juan. The fact that there’s more than one island in the region makes it even more difficult to explore the region. You may probably need a week to do all the wonderful things that can be done in San Juan islands.

In this article, you will learn the many activities that can be done in the area, which include scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and visiting different museums. Let’s start.

The Island Museum of Art

If you’re one of the artsy people, exploring the Island Museum of Art would be for you. There’s a lot of wonderful paintings and sculptures in this museum that could satisfy your art needs. You could even enjoy taking photographs of such painting, except in areas where it’s not allowed. There are vintage structures in the local museum that displays 19th-century buildings and various artifacts. Truly, visiting this museum would such be a breathtaking experience.

San Juan Historical Museum

This museum features all the historical past of the islands. You can see images of the various ruins that were showcased in the islands. You could also get to experience the artifacts that were discovered after various archaeological diggings. Truly, this is the place to visit when you want to explore the islands’ heritage.

Spring Street Landing

Do you want to walk around in leisure? The Spring Street Landing is one of the few places in San Juan Islands that can give you the wonderful experience of leisure walking. The views of the islands are stunning. By walking along the Spring Street, you get to experience the view with great pleasure and delight.

Whale Hotline

The sea life in San Juan Islands is rich, diverse and replete with stunning biodiversity. By going to the Whale Hotline, you will experience the sea life of San Juan Islands. You will explore the sea creatures’ habitat. You will get to see what it is under the sea in San Juan. With this tourist spot, you can find out more about the rich flora and fauna that the islands are proud of.

Lime Kiln State Park

Another good place you can visit in San Juan Islands is the Lame Kiln Point, State Park. The activities you could do here are infinite. You can bask in the beautiful stone structures in the area. You could do whale-watching and experience the splendor of the rich water life in the region. You could also do land-based whale-watching that will surely make you appreciate the island’s rich natural resources. You could also enjoy a stunning view from the lighthouse, which is a fun way to enjoy the island’s stunning rock formations.

Summary and Conclusion

Indeed, there are many things you can do in the San Juan Islands. This article is only a brief guide to the enjoyable activities you can do with your friends and family while in the islands of San Juan.

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