Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Few Must-Do’s In and Around Lake Winnebago

Lakes are always a treat for people. It’s a source of food, a source of livelihood, and an excellent place for recreation. Where there’s recreation, people gather, and where people gather, business rise. In Lake Winnebago, there’s plenty for everyone. There are vacation rentals, natural attractions, local foods, family friendly activities, and a host of natural resources. 

So, when you’re around the lake, what’s there to do?

Fishing in the Fertile Waters of Winnebago

Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s largest inland lake. This means ideal fishing opportunities to go around all year long. A few of the sport fishes worth tackling are the Northern Pike, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, White Bass, and the mighty Sturgeon. The shallow reefs provide great fishing spots, as long as the weather allows. 

They also offer ice fishing, where the people would rent out shanties. In these somewhat crude, but heated huts, they will drill through the ice and fish from there. It's not much for people looking for a bit more action, but for people who want to relax, ice fishing is definitely a must-try.

Ride on the Winnebago Road Trip

If you have a car and want a good long trip to tour the lake surroundings, then take on a road trip. The road trip and tour starts at Fond du Lac and goes around the entire lake, then passes through Oshkosh, the Fox Cities, and finishes around Calumet County. You'll be given a brochure so you'll be guided on where to go.

This is a great opportunity to take if you don’t know where to go first, and want an overall view of what’s what around the one of the largest inland lakes. The entire trip lasts about an hour and a half, perhaps longer if you find something you fancy. 

A Visit to the Lakeside Park

Parks have a ton of things to offer. A wide open space for all manner of activities, shelters for groups or individuals to take shade and relax, and a playground to thrill the minds and bodies of children. The Lakeside Park located at 555 N Park Ave, Fond du Lac, has everything a park needs and more. 

Being a lakeside park, it has a Waterfront outdoor area, boat rentals, mini carousels and mini-train rides, and even has a quaint lighthouse for photo-ops and an overall nice place to sightsee. 

If you plan on going as a large group, you may contact the park management to have them reserve a shelter for you. 

Menominee Park Zoo

This is something for the kids and animal lovers alike. Located at 520 Pratt Trail in Oshkosh, this seasonal zoo offers a lot of things to do, with the animal attraction being the icing on the cake. It has Asphalt trails, Boat tie-ups, Casting docks, Fishing, Picnic Areas, and Shelter.

For people who are looking for some exercise, there’re two soccer fields, five baseball or softball fields, five volleyball courts, and an ice skating rink. 

Ultimately, there’s a lot of things you can do here, even just relaxing on the bleachers. There’s plenty of concession stands in case you need snacks. The place is handicap accessible and they are available for special events. 

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