Thursday, January 4, 2018

Oahu History

There’s so much rich history to learn about a place. In fact, one lifetime may not be enough to make sure that you get the essential history of a place or a region. There’s so much to know, but so little time. That doesn’t mean that we can’t know the important things. In the case of the history of Oahu, this article will attempt to offer you the essentials. We will provide you the information about the place to make you appreciate the region. The information here is not incomplete. But, it is accurate. It is based on reliable sources. It is based on significant research. It is based on data that has been reviewed and verified. So let’s start.

The Basics

Oahu’s name means The Gathering Place, which is said to be the third largest area among the Hawaiian Islands. It is also the home to about two-thirds of the entire population of Hawaii. You may also be interested to know that Honolulu is the capital of Oahu, which is located on the southeast coast of the region. There are small islands that are associated with Oahu, which include the Ford Island and the Kaneohe Bay, which are both off the eastern coast. Also, did you know that there are around 596.7 sq miles in the entire region of Oahu? This makes Oahu the 20th biggest island in the entire United States.

Another interesting trivia that you may not yet know about Oahu is it’s already about 304 years old. It’s also a kingdom that was once ruled by the once great king whose name was Mailikukahi. He was a lawmaker of Oahu. His rule was followed by a series of monarchs who changed the landscape of the land. It may also interest you to know that Kahana was the first of the warlike kings in Oahu. It was in 1783 that Kahekili II conquered Oahu and deposed the rule of the reigning empire. It was then that he made his son, Kalanikupulu, the king of Oahu.

Another great event that happened in Oahu’s rich history was when Kamehameha The Great conquered the mountain regions of Kalanikupule’s soldiers in the Great Battle of Nuuanu. It was after the victory that Kamehameha had founded what is now known as the Kingdom of Hawaii. After this, the conquest of Oahu in 1795 happened.

Later on, around 1845, the Lolani Palace in Oahu was built by the members of the victorious ruling empire.

You may also like to remember that the Oahu seems to be the only Hawaiian island that was discovered by HMS resolution in the January 1778 documents of Captain James Cook’s third Pacific Expedition.

Summary and Conclusion

In this article, you learned some of the more important information about Oahu. You learned about the battles, empires, and kingdoms that were formed in Oahu. You also learned that the rise of Oahu didn’t come easy. It was filled with tragedies and victories. This is the reason why you should appreciate Oahu’s history more.

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