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Attractions in Lake Ontario


One of the Great Five Lakes of North America, Lake Ontario surrounds most of the Canadian province of Ontario. The lake is shared by the US state of New York and Ontario whose boundaries meet in the middle of the lake. It was named after Canada’s most populous province, Ontario which means “Lake of Shining Waters” in the Huron Language. The Niagara River from Lake Erie is the primary source of the lake and exits through the Atlantic Ocean through the Saint Lawrence River. 

Lake Ontario is the smallest of all the Great Lakes, but far more majestic and beautiful for its size. There are tourist destinations along its shorelines and many fun activities for the family to enjoy any time of the year. Here are some of the best places to visit in Lake Ontario.


Ottawa is the main seat of Canada’s parliament government. Upon reaching Ottawa, majestic building of the Parliament greets the tourists. The building was built on a bluff overlooking the scenic Ottawa River. A tour on “The Hill” consists of several Gothic government buildings. But do come by during the important Changing of the Guard ceremony. Ottawa is likewise famous for its museums, which consist of the National Gallery, Canadian War Museum, the Museum of Civilization, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, and the Canadian Museum of Nature. The metropolis is a cultural hub, with several events happening all year long. Two of the most famous events are the Canadian Tulip Festival each spring and the Winterlude Festival.

Thousand Islands

Several miles downstream from Kingston, more than a thousand forested islands filled St. Lawrence River. Because of its scenic surroundings, the place is great for swimming, boating, scuba diving, and has tons of good fishing spots. Explore the islands on your own boat or kayak or allow others take the wheel with a guided excursion from Kingston. People who opt to prefer their toes dry can marvel the very scenic view from Thousand Islands freeway. Keep in mind that whatever you choose the mode of transportation always keep your passport handy as you might cross borders with the US. 

Muskoka Cottage Country and Georgian Bay

Canada’s very own famous Group of Seven artists immortalized the area on their paintings, earning the name “cottage country”. Nowadays the 2,500-square-mile area stays as popular with creative sorts who are similarly inspired. Thousands of artists flock the area each year, especially during summer time. With more than 8,000 miles of shorelines, it’s easy to accommodate all of them. Likewise, Georgian Bay has no less than 30,000 beautiful islands with historic towns and villages. This and a very scenic view charm locals and tourists alike to flock the area. 


The Capital of the Canadian province of Ontario, Toronto is a major urban center in the country with about four million out of Ontario’s eleven million people. The city has a first class zoo, unique community, and a great theater. The harbor front of Lake Ontario is teeming with restaurants, shopping malls, and working marinas. And in relation to tourist attractions, the iconic CN Tower stands as a destination itself. Standing at 1,815 feet and most tourists look out for on a plane when arriving at the city’s airport.

Stratford Shakespeare Festival

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival is one of the largest and most celebrated classical theater plays. It has a cast of impressive lineups from the Canadian stage and from around the world. Most people particularly theater fanatics would visit Stratford during the months of April through October. It’s the time when the world-renown theater company performs different plays with its famous English counterpart. The festival keeps the more than half a century tradition alive to cultivate young minds of the rich theatrical history we now have. 

Algonquin Provincial Park

Founded in 1893, the park boasts of 7,800 square miles of lakes and forests which served as home to wolves, bears, moose, and brook trout. Discover the many wonders of nature in this park or traverse over 1,000 miles of canoe trails. The park also played an important part of Canadian’s ecosystem as its home to southern woodlands of maple, birch, and beech. It's begging for pure and raw camping just like the old times. But for those who don’t want to get gritty with nature, there’s Arowhon Pines to accommodate you. 

Niagara Falls

Be in awe of the raw power of Mother Nature as people referred to as “The Maid of the Mist”. This is must for everyone visiting Lake Ontario or Canada. Experience the power of 739,682 gallons of Niagara River as it roars down over the edge of the Horseshoe Falls. With the height of 13 stories high, tourist not only can see but hear its thunderous roar as it moves downhill. As what Charles Dickens said, “It would be harder for a man to stand nearer to God than he does here.” There are tunnels that lead visitors behind the falls to fully feel its raging currents. 

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