Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Great Wine Trails in Lake Ontario


A tour in Ontario is never complete unless you taste their particularly popular ice wine. The gaining population and the limited production of ice wine makes one of the most sought-after souvenirs from the region. Lake Ontario Wine Trail begins from downtown Rochester and spreads across the very scenic view of Wayne County. The area is lined with wineries, art distillery, bed and breakfast, unique shops, and farm markets. Whether you wanted a guided tour or explore on your own, here are some of the wineries that hard to miss. 

Big Head Wines

They served splendid red wines, one of the best in Ontario. A great stop in any Niagara wine tour, they make exceptionally good wines. They served wines with great tasting pecorino cheese. Staffs are extremely friendly and well informed about their wines. Despite their extensive wine knowledge, they are willingly wanted to share those for beginners and amateurs in the art of wine tasting. It’s a great experience for anyone; not only you can taste the best wine but can learn a lot from this tour. 

The Ice House Winery

As mentioned earlier, ice wine is a thing of Lake Ontario and the Ice House Winery served one of the best ice wine in the area. They really know pretty well the art of making ice wine and slushy – a particularly nice drink during summertime. Staffs are charming and sweet and will honestly answer your questions about their ice wine making, but not their secrets though. For people who just love wines but not into the more sophisticated or over detail part, this place is perfect. A casual winery that serves slushes and best drinks with generous servings will complete your journey in the up north. 

Peller Estates Winery and Restaurant

It’s a big winery with great restaurants, not to mention a very popular destination for wine trail tours. Peller Estates Winery & Restaurant is the epitome of good food, good wine, and excellent service. They have beautiful scenery with a romantic ambiance. Their food compliments their wine really well and for beginners, staffs are always ready to give a few hints of what goes best. They really understand the nature of their wine. With winemakers like them, food pairing is an easy task. Their desire for a perfect pair of food and wine never ends. 

Trius Winery and Restaurant

This place offers fine dining that still joyful and approachable for everyone. Great wine tasting experience is a luxury that every wine enthusiast should try. Let them pamper you with their exceptionally good service, food, and wines. Most people who visited the wine trails of Lake Ontario rave about this place. They even let their guest see their Ice Room, where most of the ice wines are kept and well cultivated.

Château des Charmes

This place has a picturesque winery and great tasting wines that are reasonably priced. Staffs are polite, courteous, and well knowledgeable about their own crafted wines. Even though their knowledge about wines is extensive, they are willing to impart those to other wine enthusiasts. As part of the tour, they will guest into their basement production facilities to see the how they make and process their wines. They have many different types of wines in various stages and explain how the tilting process affects the taste of their wines. Guests are welcome to taste these different wines. If you are a beginner in the art of wine tasting, it’s better to start from here so you’ll have some basic knowledge to grow from. 

Konzelmann Estate Winery

The winery has a picture perfect location in Niagara on the lake trail. They have a very scenic vineyard with lots of photo opportunities. Because of their location, they have thematic events happening all year round. Staffs are friendly very knowledgeable about wines and all. People can’t get enough of their peach wine, which is served with a cheese platter. Don’t forget to walk around its vineyard to see its amazing view of the Niagara. 

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