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Interesting Facts about Italy


The interesting Italy Facts which were studied and developed were the important history of its country and serves as a legacy in the world.

The Population is more than 61.6 million people live in Italy 2016 onwards its capital is Roma (Rome), which is called 'Eternal City', with 2.6 million of inhabitants and Italy’s biggest city. The Repubblica Italiana (Italian Republic) or Italia, Nickname: 'Bel Paese' which means beautiful country. The country possesses a Democracy, Republic in terms of government, locals speak many dialects spoken such as Italian, German, French, and Latin in some regions in Northern Italy. 

The citizens are literate with more than 98% can read and write, and their main belief as their religion is mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 90%) with the money currency, 1 Euro=100 cents, before 2001 Italian Lira as its high standard value of living. 

The country has a rich history and heritage, as Rome its capital city today was founded in 753BC. When the Roman Empire broke down in 395 AD, the kingdom was divided and formed city-states.

Italy’s Proud Banner

In 1861, Italy becomes one nation and incorporates the islands of Sicily and Sardegna. The colors of the represent these virtues: hope (green), faith (white), and charity (red). The country looks like a boot kicking a ball – the island of Sicily.

Italy’s Geographical location

Italy measures about 7,600km (4,722miles) of coastline as the large part of the peninsula is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It has two largest islands Sicily and Sardegna and many smaller ones such as Capri, Elba, and Ischia. Along North, the mountain range of the Alps separates Italy from the other European countries France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. 

The country has many hills and mountains. The most beautiful mountain can be found in the Italian Alps which are the mountain range in Italy's north. Monte Bianco, better known as Mont Blanc, measures about 4,807m or 15,776 ft. 

There are many long and deep wonderful lakes situated in the North of Italy, which attracts many tourists to see its unworldly beauty. Volcanoes are very much active in this country as there are three of them – namely Vesuvius near Naples, Etna on Sicily and Stromboli off the Coast of Italy. It has one of the unique geographical locations, as it surrounds two of the world’s smallest country. 

It surrounds by two of the world’s smallest countries of the world. These are San Marino in Northern Italy, one of the oldest republics in the world and the Vatican City, main capital of the Roman Catholic Church all over the world.

Rich history

Some of the world famous artists were born in Italy like Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci, and Raphael. No wonder that Italy is the place to be to study art and ancient history. Tuscany is known for its countryside scenic view with lots of wonderful towns and villages. 

Italians are famous for inventions and discoveries. The Italian explorers Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci discovered the Americas. Another explorer, Marco Polo explored the Eastern boundaries of the world. Leonardo da Vinci was the best scientist and artist who first to prove the world is round, which became a common knowledge even before the modern world was able to prove it. They are one of the societies who pioneered in experimenting electricity spearheaded by Alessandro Volta. 

Fun activities to do

The Alps is probably the greatest place on earth to go skiing, hiking, and just literally chilling in its natural beauty. Try to visit Bolzano’s Natural History Museum with Oetzi, the mummy from the Ice-age era. Kids of all ages would love to see and learn something from the past. 

Italians love sports. Cycling, Skiing, Soccer and Motor Racing, you name it, they have it. They have a very strong interest in and good teams of sportsmen.

Italians love their families

Of all things, Italians treasured their families the most, where there are still many families including extended family in the household close to one another. 

As a country full of diversity, Italy is a country rich in languages. Italian is a language which comes from Latin and its original roots are interesting to study even up to now. However, not all resident can speak proper Italian but can speak other important Italian dialects. 

The people are rich from their original culture of dialects. Older people can only speak the local dialects and even German especially in the Northern region of Alto Adige. Others from Valle d’Aosta speak French while most speak Latino in Trentino. The voice is soft and very melodic and is sweet to hear and so is still used in opera and is produce by lovely young musicians, even German composers of songs used the language in opera as it sounds much softer than German because the people are known for their modesty and sweetness.

They love their food

Italians love their food and cooked many good dishes which recipe came from “Mama”. But more and more men love to cook and want to learn how to cook for their families. It’s a good break away from the typical image of the Italian "macho" and it helps them bond even more with families during reunions. 

Famous dishes the world can’t live without

Italian cuisine transformed the modern world for they invented some of the dishes that the world can’t live without. 

The Italian main dishes are well-known foods that contribute to the world. Its main ingredients include pork, beef, seafood as well as potatoes, rice and pasta (wheat and egg noodles) products and of course, tomatoes. 

Italians love their food and many dishes are based on fresh vegetables and seafood for healthy living. There are delicious sweet cakes in Italy, like the Panettone (a yeast cake with raisins), Panforte (a hard and flat fruit cake) and almond pastries like amaretti as their specialties.

But the world will be forever thankful for pizzas, one of the most famous and delicious exports and in Italy. Usually baked in a wood-fired oven and very thin, but loaded with fresh vegetables or thinly sliced ham, salami, artichokes or olives and other spices.

Italy is a great country to become one of the most riches in history, foods, tourist spots and rich in heritage or historical legacy. It is an enjoyable place to be.

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