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Top Tourist Attractions in Jamaica


Known as the “birthplace of reggae”, Jamaica is considered by many as a treasure of natural jewels on earth. Golden beaches lined with lush green mountains, raging seas, ancient coral reefs, and lively rainforest makes is a popular summer destination. 

Nature lover folks will find activities from hiking to bird watching in the jungle, to diving in the colorful reefs. Jamaica is also famous for its many historic plantations where tourist can taste it's abundant tropical fruits while touring the grand and great houses.

Several of the tourist spots include Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Port Antonio. But Montenegro Bay remains as the top choice destination in Jamaica. While cruise ships regularly visit Ocho Rios, other people are busy exploring Ecoto in Kingston, where Bob Marley’s used to reside. 

Jamaica is a one-stop destination for all; from adrenaline junkies who seek thrilling adventure to nature lovers, and beachgoers. Leaving the island is never easy. That’s why some people visit museums and other historical places in Jamaica to bring something back home. 

Whenever your go, Jamaica is full of luscious rainforests, fruit plantations, and pristine beaches. Here are the wonderful and beautiful spots in Jamaica:

Port Antonio

Port Antonio is the third largest port in Jamaica and one of the most important shipping point for both bananas and coconuts. The place has a tropical climate, hurricane season start from May to November. To get the most of your vacation, months of December to April are the best. Featured in many Hollywood films, it perceived as the ‘ideal paradise escape’ for its luscious rainforests and pristine beaches. Have a taste of authentic Port Antonio; visit the famous Bush Bar restaurant for a bit of ‘high-dining’ island style. 

Ocho Rios

Tourist stay at Ocho Rios to see the cascading waterholes called Blue Hole also known as Island Gully Falls or the Irie Blue Hole. The views are perfect for that epic Instagram post. Some adrenaline junkies climb up the hill to get an almost bird’s eye view of the whole area. For an experience of a lifetime, few dared to jump off cliffs down to the clear waters below. 

Rio Grande River

As the birthplace of river rafting in Jamaica, it’s a must to start your ride here – a place where they use to transport bananas from the plantation to Port Antonio. Around 1911, there was an abundant banana harvest traversing through the same passageways. Errol Flynn started the whole idea of rafting on the island as he challenged his guests in a rafting race one night. Since then, it becomes of the most popular things to do in the Rio Grande – at some point inspired other carnival ride for its unique thrill. It traverses through Berrydale or Grants Level and ends at Rafters Rest on the coast, it usually takes about two to three hours depending on your entry point.

Mayfield Falls

Situated in the mountains, and about an hour drive from Negril, Mayfield Falls is a destination itself. Nature lovers especially young couples would enjoy its seclusion. The place is like a heart of the rainforest with two breathtaking waterfalls, 44 mineral pools, 21 natural jacuzzis, and tropical greenery. Mayfield Falls houses different kinds of plants and beautiful blooming flowers. Take a break from your usual music preference and listen to the most soothing music of Mother Nature. Cross the wooden bridge going to Rasta Village and explore the heart of Reggae Style Mayfield Village as well as its local folklore.

Negril beach

For anyone who wants to get their perfect tan, Negril Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. Along the Caribbean’s best beaches, it’s lined with white powdery sand and crystal clear blue water. The beach stretches out from Bloody Bay to Long Bay and ends just near Negril Cliffs. If ever you get bored of the usual beach scene (which is impossible) there are also water activities. Snorkeling is a popular thing to do in this place because you don’t need to get that far to see schools of fish. 

Montego Bay

During the 1920s, a famous British osteopath claimed about the curative powers of Montego Bay after dipping in its mysterious water. Words of its healing waters reached worldwide and started to attract visitors. Soon after the place was known as Doctor's Cave Beach but a strong hurricane devastated the area. Today, the place is a popular stop for many cruise ships.


A visit to Jamaica is never complete without touring The Bob Marley Museum, the reggae superstar’s former home. Many tourists who visit Kingston always check the museum. The city is a big contrast to the paradisal view of Montego Bay, it can be gritty but some offers organized tours throughout the city. Go sightseeing where reggae was born; try to see the Trench Town Culture Yard Museum in the ghetto where reggae music originated.

Most organized tours go about historic places like Devon House, and other museums including National Gallery and the Natural History Museum. To get to know more of Jamaica check out the National Heritage Park to explore its rich history. But to experience their world renown music, drop by Emancipation Park, if you are lucky you can get to see a free musical concert. 

John Crow Mountains National Park

Listed under UNESCO World Heritage Site, it boasts of unspoiled nature and preserved an important historical moment in the island. Taino, the indigenous people of Jamaica take refuge in the John Crow Mountains National Park. It’s filled with lush rainforest, coffee plantations, and more than 80 endemic plants. It’s a great way to be with nature while exploring Jamaica’s history.

Rose Hall Great House

For a unique vacation experience, you might want to stay at the Rose Hall Great House. Built-in 1770 where Annie Palmer (the White Witch) used to live, it has an amazing view of the ocean as well as magnificent sunrise or sunset. The house was preserved with period furniture and fixtures. Beautiful it may seem the mansion hides a dark secret; some say her spirit still roams her house. Evening tours are popular because guests can stay for a handful serving of ghost sightings and tales of her.

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