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Interesting Places to Visit When in Los Angeles to San Diego|Custom Topographic Art


Things to See From Los Angeles to San Diego

Among all the road trips ever taken around California, one of the more notable ones is the trip from Los Angeles to San Diego This two, to two and a half hour trip can go many ways, often taking Route 5 so you get to see the ocean view, especially if you’re going LA to SD.

Here are some highlights and stopovers you can take to fully enjoy this lovely ocean-side drive.

The Richard Nixon Library and Museum

Located in 18001 Yorba Linda Blvd, Yorba Linda, a bit away from the highway, lies this magnificent museum. They host live shows and tours, perfect for kids, history enthusiasts, and those who want to soak in as much of North America’s history in a short span of time.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Going here, in 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, will inject you with a huge dose of art and culture. A sight to see even for people who aren’t inclined or aren’t as enthusiastic about art. At the very least, it’s a treat for the eyes as various museums display a mix of modern and rural art of both eastern and western roots, some of them deep, intense and meaningful, others colorful, simple and meant for you to look at and smile. There are live plays, film showings and their fair share of restaurants when you get hungry.


No tourist should leave California without stepping in the place where the magic happens. Take a tour in one or two movie studios, especially the special effects theme parks at Universal Studios and the Warner Bros. Studios. At the very least take a walk in the Walk of Fame.

That's during the day. At night, the place becomes even more alive with restaurants opening up and there's also the Sunset Strip Clubs for those looking for a more risque flavor to their evening.

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Located in 5704 Paseo Del Norte, this place has 50 acres of vast, unforgiving, unadulterated, flowers. The best times to go to this place is during Spring, to see the blooming phase of nearly all the flowers. There is an entrance fee for going there, and you can host parties, gatherings, and weddings in this majestic place.

Or, at the very least drive through the highway. Driving with the expansive flower fields by your side is a relaxing experience on its own.

San Diego Zoo

Voted as the top zoo in America in 2015, San Diego Zoo felt the praise and the pressure to improve. It houses more than two thousand animals, scoring over 500 species and subspecies. The entire zoo attempts to recreate a rainforest environment, using open-air, cageless exhibits. This is also one of the zoos that officially breed Giant Pandas and if you're lucky enough to see them you'd understand why they are among the most popular animals in the world.

They currently have renovations going on, so expect a few areas to be closed off, but as soon as they open, you’ll have a zoo experience unique to San Diego, and perhaps to the rest of the country.

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