Friday, November 24, 2017

What To Do In Puget Sound|Topographic Wood Art

Puget Sound is an area that does not experience much rain throughout the year. However, it has comparatively fewer sunshine-filled days. Though this is the climate in the area, Puget Sound still is a place filled with activities you can enjoy. You can go hiking, swimming and fishing. You can even view whales on the area. Let’s take a quick view of all of these fun-filled activities you can do in Puget Sound.

  1. Taking A Hike

No matter what place you go to in the greater Seattle area, you can visit some great park to fill your life with memories. Don’t forget your hiking boots during this amazing hiking activity. You will be able to see the great beauty of nature in the Pacific Northwest. Visiting Olympic National Park’s Hoh Rain Forest is a fabulous way to exercise while breathing the fresh air. You can also climb up to Snow Lake for one of the best swimming adventures you can get.

  1. Go Swimming

In Puget Sound, the temperature is a bit cold. If you’re not used to icy waters, swimming is not recommended. However, it is best for you to try this out as it is another type of experience. There are a lot of places to dip your feet in around the area. Lake Washington, for example, is filled with beaches that are swimmable. These go up from the south area’s Seward Park to the north area’s Magnuson Park. Olympic Peninsula’s Lake Crescent is great for swimming, fishing, boating, and picnicking.

  1. Ballard Locks: Getting Fishy In The Area

Seattle is actually made of a series of locks that interconnect Puget Sound with its interior lakes. Ballard Locks, also known as Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, is an area that separates the salty seawater of Sound to that of the fresh water of Lake Union. During the summer, you can visit the locks in order to see the salmons swimming their way into the salmon ladders to their spawning grounds. You can also spend most of your time watching sailboats drift on the waters.

  1.    Whale Watching In Puget Sound

Pacific Northwest is not just built on technology and startups. A lot of people also make a living with fishing. It is best to experience the maritime culture of Puget Sound by going to a sea trip. You can have a whale watching adventure from Port Townsend, Everett, the San Juan Islands, or Anacortes. This is a great excuse to see the waters and its cute wildlife as well.

In Conclusion:

If you want to experience Puget Sound in the best way possible, pack up your bags and make sure you are ready for the fun-filled adventure you are about to experience. Summer is one of the best places to visit the place. You can do all these activities—fishing, swimming, hiking, whale watching—while spending the time with your family. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the best moments you can ever experience.

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