Monday, November 20, 2017

What To Do In San Diego|Perfect Gift's For the Boater in Your Life

San Diego is a city filled with a lot of places to eat and hang out. You will definitely love this city as there are plenty of spots to have fun-filled adventures. You can have fun at the beach, go to Legoland, and visit the zoo. Below are the things you can do in San Diego:

1.        Go To La Jolla

One of San Diego’s upscale beach town, La Jolla means “the jewel.” It is located on the cliffs and overlooks the ocean. This prime location makes it a great place to view the entire marine area. There are excellent restaurants with stunning ocean views. Shops also abound in the area.  Activities you can do include tide pool-hopping, biking, surfing, running, and ocean kayaking.


2.                Go To A Tour Of USS Midway Aircraft Carrier

This tourist attraction boasts of an aircraft carrier that is 972 feet long. The USS Midway is able to carry about 4000 people. It was the world’s largest ship from 1945 to 1955. Aside from the ship, you can also see approximately 25 aircrafts displayed throughout this tourist attraction.

3.                Visit Balboa Park

San Diego’s most-loved park, Balboa has a lot of buildings that is great for taking pictures with. In Balboa Park, you can actually ride a bike, take a walk, watch a Shakespeare play, visit the San Diego zoo, and ride a carousel. Balboa Park boasts of 15 museums and eight gardens. This ensures you that you won’t get bored within the area.

4.                 See Coronado Island

Coronado is actually a peninsula, not an island. It’s a narrow land strip located between the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay. Even though it’s a little space of land, there’re still lots of fun to be experienced in Coronado Island. It has a classic hotel, a great beach, and a little downtown area. To know more about interesting history and gossip, you can talk the Coronado Walking Tour too.

5.                Taking The Harbor Cruise

You can explore much of San Diego’s waters by taking a harbour cruise. With the cruise, you can take a peek at Pacific Fleet. Since water is a significant part of San Diego, this attraction is not to be missed.

6.                Go To The San Diego Zoo

Wildlife? Yes, San Diego has it. This place plays an active role in animal conservation. Giant pandas are popular in San Diego Zoo and are a must-see attraction. They also have koalas, an albino boa constrictor, California Condors, and warty pigs. The zoo boasts of 4000 endangered, rare animals and a botanical collection of 700,000+ exotic plants.

7.                Go With The Kids To Legoland

San Diego has one of the Legolands scattered all over the world. These Legos, small brick toys, are very popular among kids. In Legoland, you will find an array of life-sized dinosaurs, traffic cops, and other creations. Your kids will surely love this place. There are also rides that can be the source of enjoyment of your little ones.

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