Friday, November 17, 2017

San Francisco Bay: What To Do|Perfect Holiday Gifts

If you are in freezing weather, it is best to go to San Francisco Bay and enjoy the activities you can do in the area. The place is filled with enjoyable restaurants and hotels. Perfect for a weekend getaway, San Francisco Bay is surely a place you’ll love. Below are the top things to enjoy in the area:

1.      Go To Grizzly Peak

In Grizzly Peak, you can view the whole bay area from the top. You can either go to the top or drive up to the place. 

2.      Gobble Up On The Best Indian Food

India Palace contains one of the top Indian foods in USA. The employees are very friendly. The chicken tikka masala is a must-try for everybody who wants to get to this place. It has an inexpensive eat-all-you-can buffet and has beautiful decors all over. 

3.       Get The Best Sunday Brunch

Want enjoyable Sundays? You can go straight to the Starlight Room at 450 Powell Street in San Francisco and enjoy a heartening Sunday brunch.

4.      Eat Cinnamon Rolls

For vegans, Cinnaholic is the best place to get cinnamon rolls. It is located at 2132 Oxford Street, Berkeley. And it is perfect for anybody who has a sweet tooth. 

5.      Check Out San Francisco Venues

You can check out a concert in various venues around the San Francisco Bay area. Go to The Independent, The Warfield, Thee Parkside, The Fillmore, Hemlock Tavern, and the Great American Music Hall. It’s up to you to choose which one you’d like to check out. 

6.      Visit The Redwood Room

Situated inside of Clift Hotel, Redwood Room will make you feel like you’re a big-time baller. Start by sipping on a cocktail while moving your eyes around to see the gorgeous paintings.

7.      Go To The Underground Wrestling Match

During every month’s first Friday, Hoodslam is hosted by the Oakland Metro Operahouse. In this event, performance artists or wrestlers “perform” for the viewers. Variety shows are also abundant during every month’s first Thursday. 

8.      Check Out Clarion Alley And The Sycamore

The Clarion Alley is filled with artists creating their projects. You can walk through the alley with your loved ones. Also, you might find yourself eating at The Sycamore. Enjoy your meal for this vacation!

9.      Go To The Audium

A best-kept secret of San Francisco is the Audium. In this attraction, you are situated in a dark theater. You are then enveloped in a variety of sounds that might move your emotions. You should definitely add this one to your list once you get to San Francisco Bay Area. 

10.   Make Your Own Ice Cream

You definitely have to visit “CREAM.” The word is an abbreviation of “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.” In this place, you can make your own ice cream sandwich out of the cookies and ice cream available.

In Conclusion: 

The San Francisco Bay Area is a winner when it comes to having great experiences. You won’t run out of activities to do. Visit this area now and enjoy what life has to offer.

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