Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Best Cities in Ireland


There’s really no denying that Ireland has the most alluring and magical charm on the planet. Often described as breathtaking, exceptional, and enchanting even for a relatively small country like Ireland. Its beautiful cities far exceed the expectations of most travelers. Ireland boasts of beautiful landscapes that are amazing and almost out of this world spectacles. With friendly people, great transport systems, and guided tours, the Emerald Isle is fast becoming the top destination for the adrenaline junkies and nature lover. 

Lismore, County Waterford

Lismore is known to have the great historical value of all cities in Ireland, it’s a town located in Waterford County. Tourists can’t help themselves but have long leisure walks within the city to see the famous Lismore Castle and St. Carthage’s Cathedral. The city has a great friendly atmosphere to experience Irish culture as its borders teeming with deep stories from the past. Try to learn a new trick at making crafts at their Heritage Center or scout the perfect souvenir at Lismore Farmers Market. For a bit of nature, the Blackwater River offers good fishing spots and some fun recreational water activities. 

Blackrock, County Louth

There are many travel guides and advice out there, but they all come down to a point – “go where the locals go”, and Blackrock is the perfect epitome of that advice. It’s one of the local’s favorite idyllic small towns with the best Irish beach experience. It’s a rarity to find an almost sunny weather all year round in Ireland, but Blackrock is blessed to have one. Spend the whole day basking in the sun while enjoying a refreshing dip in its waters. Families with smaller children would love to lounge around the promenade with kids having a blast building sand castles and eating delicious ice cream. Don’t let the opportunity pass without having a lovely cup of their traditional Irish tea or a quick visit to one of the village pubs for the world famous pint of Guinness. To cap the day, let your feet wander in its streets that are adorned with iconic Irish storefronts.

Carrick-on-Shannon, County Leitrim

Not far from Dublin, is a beautiful destination famous for its serene rivers and waterways. Another popular local destination, Carrick-on-Shannon has the most beautiful inland scenery that’s been transformed into one of the most progressive commercial centers and home to the country’s major businesses and corporations. With all the amenities of modern day living while having the best of nature at arm’s length, it’s fast becoming a worldwide tourist’s attraction. The city boasts of many guided tours cruising its waterways and many recreational activities for everyone. Either for families with smaller children in tow, or young couples looking for romantic getaway, the city has it all. Carrick-on-Shannon's storefronts and busy marinas make it as one of the most photograph streets in Ireland. 

Kilkenny, County Kilkenny

Many people consider Ireland as the land full of legends and fairy-tale like castles. There’s no denying that its true, especially in Kilkenny. The city is full of historical buildings and home to some of the most memorable buildings in Europe. Tourists will go on their way and visit Kilkenny just to see Kilkenny Castle, St. Canice’s Cathedral, and the Black Abbey. Dubbed as the “Marble City”, it has the unique “Medieval Mile” which has many attractions and fantastic sites to visit. Tourists will truly feel the fairy-tale like the ambiance in the city because of its ancient architecture and stories of legendary people. Kilkenny is becoming a bustling center for music and arts with great exhibits from the National Craft Gallery. For tourists who can’t or doesn’t have enough time to walk in its “Medieval Mile”, a quick trip at the Rothe House can fill their heart’s desire for nature. 


Galway is another great tourist’s destination in Ireland that has an interesting history and rich cultural heritage like the Galway Cathedral, the Spanish Arc, and the Hall of the Red Earl. But what set Galway apart from other Irish cities is the unique bohemian charm and inhabitant’s love for arts and crafts. The city’s artistic flair keeps the local scene alive and interesting. Many storefronts within the city serve as a great canvas for its unique taste of art, making the ambiance lively and upbeat. People are never bored because of great street performance everywhere, some tourist takes this opportunity to really immerse into the Irish culture. 

Killarney, County Kerry

Killarney tops every best Irish destination there is – filled with deep history and the awesomeness of Mother Nature, the city has it all. The place has been attracting tourists and locals alike since the mid-18th century and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. Some of the best attractions include the Muckross House and Abbey, Ross Castle, and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Many left in awe as they traverse one the most beautiful scenery in the world – the Ring of Kerry. Tourists can also visit the Killarney National Park which many considered a crown jewel of all parks.

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