Thursday, May 10, 2018

Best things to do when in Nassau


There are a lot of tourist spots in Nassau, from the iconic stairs to the usual destinations. But the island is not limited on what was on the lists; there are a lot more places waiting to be discovered. You could just spend the entire day touring the historical Fort Montagu or have a taste of the best chocolatier in Nassau. But otherwise, you can do these things to fully discover Nassau on your own.

Get to know locals at the Fish Fry

Arawak Cay is one of the few places in Nassau where you’ll find more locals as many as the tourists. Located on West Bay Street, this place is teeming with authentic Bahamian restaurants. Locals call the place “Fish Fry”, after the most common seafood meals served here but others say for other hidden meaning of the word. Either way, it’s the best way to get to know the locals and most probably have a go in the famous Twin Brothers and Goldie’s and taste their bestselling cracked conch. 

Discover the many animals of Atlantis

Little kids would love to see the animals up close without getting into tiring boat rides. Bring them to Atlantis Paradise Island for a tour that they would remember for the rest of their childhood. This place houses more than 250 marine species, 14 lagoons and more than 8 million gallons of ocean water. You can get interactive with sea lions, stingrays, and other marine animals. Kids would love to have a go on a waterslide going through a shark habitat. 

Swim with the native pigs

One of the unique things to do in Nassau is to go swimming alongside several native pigs. Don’t be fooled when we say pigs, these are far from the usual pigs you see on the farm. These are native pigs living freely on the island which are famous on their own. It’s epic to have your picture taken in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with pigs as your lifeguards. 

Get up close with Stingray City

Most people got really scared when they see stingrays. Not everyone knows that stingrays have different species, barbed tail stingrays, those we need to stay away from. But the stingrays of Stingray City Park in Nassau are the Southern Rays, which means these are gentle giants of the seas. Known for their playful antics, Southern Rays are very friendly indeed and you can get up close to know them better. This is possibly the safest photo-op you can get with these sea creatures.

Explore the mysterious caves at Lucayan National Park

Before heading out to Lucayan National Park, be sure to secure a permit first. One of the biggest underwater cave systems in the world is a protected area in Nassau. If diving in the dark is not your thing, just walking along its trail is worth it enough to get that permit. You won’t get disappointed though, the park is home to the most secluded beaches in Nassau if not the most beautiful Gold Rock Beach. Its pristine white sand hailed as 5-star rating among beachgoers around the world, and these folks had seen mostly most of the beautiful beaches on the planet.

Take the kids to Blue Lagoon Island

As Nassau is a gateway to many more exciting places, Blue Lagoon Island is one of them. This private island sits just a few miles from the central business district, its home sea lions, and dolphins. Many marine animals take sanctuary in these parts and were made of an eco-theme park. Kids would really love to see dolphins swimming not far from the beach. Let them see these marine animals natural habitat and appreciate nature at its finest. Spend the entire day relaxing in its powdery sand and basking under the sun. Although it’s a popular beach, you may find it less crowded than others.

Follow James Bond– underwater that is 

Everyone loves James Bond movies, its one film that had been around since the golden ages of Hollywood. One time or another you’ve seen Bond movies like Never Say Never Again. If you had, then you can easily recognize some of the beaches where the movie was shot. Another good thing to remember when visiting Nassau is you can dive underwater to see the freighter used to transport nuclear weapons in Never Say Never Again film. Or you might want to take the footsteps of Sean Connery when he escaped a tiger shark on a bomber in Thunderball – sans the shark of course. 

Get to know the history of the Bahamas at Clifton Heritage National Park

Learn the early inhabitant of Bahamas and how they helped shaped its modern day community at Clifton Heritage National Park. The park has a wide collection of history and other educational exhibits at the far west end of New Providence. The scenery at this park is the most beautiful so far, with white sand beaches, rock formations, and sand dunes. There are replica buildings from the Lucayan people and remnants of the old plantation during the Bahamian slave trade that is all fascinating to see.

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