Monday, May 14, 2018

Best Family Activities in Ireland

Ireland dubbed as the “Emerald Isle” has a very intriguing and rich culture on the planet. Not to mention the most scenic places you ever saw on the planet. Traveling in their country will surely delight your spirits as well as renew your invigoration. One cannot simply leave Ireland without marveling at their laid-back attitude, fascinating history, and very romantic landscapes, just like in the fairy tales. 

But there’s something about Ireland than meet the eye, they are very well versed in literature as well as in education. The country is known as the “land of saints and scholars”, where UNESCO hailed Dublin as the City if Literature in 2010. Ireland had more Nobel Prize winners for literature than in any other country which is just the tip of the iceberg on how they take care of their young bright minds. 

There are many ways to explore Ireland, as much as another place on the planet. From the free entrance of their state museums, heritage sites, and other fun outdoor activities, one can only assume how delightful it can be to just be in the flow of everything and get lost in its many wonders. But the word ‘lost’ in travelers was never fun, and because of its diversity, list of places to visit is always a good idea. Here are some of the best places to visit Ireland. 

Grafton Street, Dublin

Just after landing in Ireland, you might want to see its lively shopping center and get to know more of the local scene. Grafton Street is teeming with performance artists, restaurants, and cafes to just get you into the vibe of Ireland’s community. There are numerous corners where you could just simply observe how locals go by in their daily routine. Grab a coffee at the café culture has taken over the city or have a very good traditional Irish breakfast at Bewley’s Oriental Cage. Walk through its many alleyways and street to see the many different facets of the Irish culture. 

The Book of Kells and Trinity College, Dublin

One of the best things to do in the land of literature is paying a visit to their oldest university, Trinity College in Dublin. It houses one of the ancient treasures in Ireland, the Book of Kells. Queen Elizabeth, I founded the university in 1592 and still remain a beautiful wonder worthy of a visit. Stepping inside the university may feel like a step back in time; its cobblestones and grounds are very much well kept. It’s a magical place wherein its majestic Long Room was in the inspiration of J.K. Rowling in depicting the library of the first Harry Potter movie. Many locals would simply retreat to the university grounds to their lunch and enjoy a simple pleasure with nature. 

The Cliffs of Moher

About an hour drive from Galway, the cliff of Moher receives an estimated one million tourists each year from around the world. The stretch of 8 kilometers of mountain trails which stands about 214 meters high along the Atlantic is majestic beyond words. One can only feel Mother Nature’s beauty and power in these cliffs. There are many who tried to describe this vertigo-inducing view but they simply understate the place. This makes the cliffs even more popular to tourists to see for themselves the majestic beauty of nature that some cannot fathom. 

Killarney National Park and Muckross House and Gardens

The Kerry region is perhaps the most visited area in Ireland because of its scenic route tours are known as the Ring of Kerry. But if you feel like going on a guided tour, then visiting this 19th century Muckross House and Gardens is definitely a must. Located in the very scenic Killarney National Park and close to the shores of Muckross Lake, one of three Lakes of Killarney is a spectacular view to see. Even royals like Queen Victoria fell in love with this beautiful view. During those times, a royal visit would mean meticulous re-landscaping and extensive renovations. Even with those bygone days, the gardens still had its charms to still capture its hundreds of visitors.

There are traditional farms nearby, and Killarney’s famous horse and traps are known as Jaunting Cars to take tourists around the place. Travelers would visit the Killarney National Park & Lakes region that is magnificent to see. Any routes going to the region will take you to different views of the lakes and mountains. The Gap of Dunloe, a narrow and bumpy mountain pass that stretches for about 11-kilometer was a proof of how powerful glaciers carved the stone into this marvelous view. But riding a bike remains as the best way to explore the region; each stopped over offers the best way to see the park. 

The Ring of Kerry

The most popular scenic route to explore Ireland is through the Ring of Kerry in Iveragh Peninsula. Some say that the entire non-stop journey will take about three hours, but most tourists would recommend allotting more time to fully enjoy the view. You can start with either Kenmare or Killarney and naturally ending on the same spot where you started. The whole journey will take you to the amazing Atlantic Ocean views with different islands to explore, mountains to behold, and many interesting villages along the way. None would enjoy more than history buffs, Iron Age forts, Ogham stones and ancient monasteries to explore. The area is also filled with everlasting outdoor activities like cycling, horse-riding, hiking, great freshwater fishing, and picturesque beaches.

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