Thursday, May 17, 2018

Great castles across Wales that you should visit


The country of Wales boasts of many castles for its architectural beauty but mostly for its historical significance ever since time immemorial. From the ancient Civil War to Tudor and the rise of the Victorian era, the architectural design of these fortresses always stirs the soul longing for fairytale-like stories of heroes and kings. Many claimed that Britain’s best castles can be found within its borders welcoming visitors with a magnificent view of these tall and majestic guardians of the lands.

Here are the greatest of all castles in Wales that you need to visit before leaving this enchanted country. Learn about Welsh nation’s deep and rich history through the fortresses that defended it for centuries.

Chirk Castle

Enjoy a leisure stroll inside its castle grounds with beautiful garden, pavilion, terrace, and parkland near the Wrexham’s gem. Walk through its elegant staterooms for its elaborate interior and architectural designs of its dungeon, medieval tower, complete with an 18th century Servant’s Hall.

Dinefwr Park and Castle

Built in the 12th century, the Dinefwr Park and Castle is a Natural Trust-run which boasts of very scenic views of Wales laid-back country style ambiance. Guided tours will take you to a beautiful nature reserve, ponds, cottages, and of course a tea room. If you are lucky, you may spot several uninvited but majestic guests that will graze its 18th-century landscape park.

Caldicot Castle

Caldicot Castle has an incredible view that literally worth a thousand words and always posts worthy of every single social media platform. This medieval castle has a long history tracing back from Norman beginnings, witnessing the many wars of Middle Ages, as well as the rise and fall of the Victorian era. Standing on fifty-five acres of country park, tourists are welcomed into their interactive re-enactments shows and a very delightful tearoom.

Raglan Castle

It’s amazing to see the building of old still standing today, it feels like touching a piece of memory stone from a forgotten time. You’ll be wishing if only the walls of Raglan Castle speaks, then it could tell a long story of how it once denied passage to Oliver Cromwell at the end of the Civil War. Surrounded by lush greeneries, this romantic ruin makes a perfect place to reminisce such history of untold stories.

Conwy Castle


Sitting on top of a rock overlooking the very beautiful Snowdonia county, Conwy Castle will let every visitors feel they are inside of a fairytale book. Some claimed that this castle is the finest and grandest castle that Edward I ever built. The Conwy Castle has the most mesmerizing views from the battlements and its famed walled town within its grounds. Visitors can tour its great halls, private chapels, and royal chambers while getting around its winding medieval pathways.
Its eight towers pile beside each other, making it look like a faceless guardian perched on the mountaintop. Even Thomas Telford can’t help but marvel at this castle that he even builds a suspension bridge to match the ambiance.

Caerphilly Castle

Built during the 13th century, Caerphilly Castle is the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in all of Britain. The English built this majestic castle locked on its water defenses that feature four siege engines and different arrays of delightful grounds that still has its very majestic ambiance. The castle is so amazing that the BBC TV’s adaptation of Merlin was filmed here. Covering about 30 acres of moats, ramparts, and islands, even Cromwell couldn’t destroy its pillars.

Powis Castle and Garden

Powis Castle has its share of deep history in Wales but its gardens almost surpassed its significance. The castle is famous for its French and Italian style gardens adorned with many varieties of plants and an orangery. Its garden boasts of a very artistic medieval deer park. It’s a perfect place to rest tired feet from all of those roaming inside its medieval galleries and lots of staircases.

Caernarvon Castle

Seven centuries after its completion, Caernarvon Castle remains as one of the most formidable fortresses in the entire European continent. Edward I sure was proud of his undertaking when he built this 13th-century castle on a former Roman fort. Because of its historical significance and its architectural beauty, it is listed as a World Heritage Site. Exhibitions rooms are the best which features different landmarks from all era of the history. Despite the fact it was built more than 700 years ago, the castle is still largely intact and its polygonal towers give it a more contemporary look. Kids love to roam its many rooms and enjoying a fun run at its spiral staircases.

Epic adventures

Wales has mostly overlooked family destination but it’s a land of majestic mountains, lush greeneries, medieval castles, great blue sky, and awe-inspiring coastlines that are perfect for family vacations. With a very accessible road and trainways from London and pretty much everywhere else in Britain, Wales is a quick destination waiting to be discovered.

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