Monday, May 28, 2018

Fun Water Activities in Ireland


The country of Ireland has more than 5,600 km of awe-inspiring coastlines and pristine waters. With temperate weather conditions, lots of lakes, rivers, and waterways, Ireland is one of the perfect conditions for water activities and extreme water sports. Many ventures up North to experience many sporting activities all year round. Tourists love how they can have adrenaline pumping activities in a breathtaking view of lush greeneries. Ireland boasts of every water sport there is on the planet, so sail away and get those adrenaline rush. 

Canoeing, kayaking, and rowing

Starting with the basic water activity, canoeing is a rare thing in sports, but many find it very relaxing and the best way to enjoy serenity with nature. Kayaking is very much doable in Ireland regardless of weather and different seasons. Tourists can choose from a wide variety of canoeing from sea kayaking, leisurely canoe tours, whitewater racing, canoe trails to rowing challenges events all year round. If you need a bit of adventure and need to challenge your limit, you might want to try to traverse the first dedicated canoe train on Lough Erne Canoe Trail. This 50-km trail links Upper Lough Erne to Lower Lough Erne through the Shannon Waterway. Enjoy the very scenic trail and you might spot some mysterious ruins along the way.


Welcome to the country with a long history of sailing. As an island, Ireland has been one of the main countries who just love the sea and set sail to the seven seas. But budding seafarers don’t need to worry; Ireland is pretty much well equipped for all kinds of sailors – and it’s the best place to learn a few tricks of the trade. The country has a number of ISA and RYA approved sailing schools for beginners to advanced levels. They also have expert sailing companies organizing skippered, bareboat, crewed and charter boats. Needless to say, the possibilities of sailing are overflowing in Ireland. As they say, imagination is the only thing that limits your sailing adventure. Ireland has a lot of well-equipped marinas, for those tourists bringing in their own boats to the island. The best time to sail its waters is during one of their many prestigious national, European and world-class sailing championships. 


Ireland coastlines make a great variation of breaks perfect for offshore surfing no matter where the wind direction is. Huge waves build up as they travel across the Atlantic Ocean before crashing in its shoreline producing perfect waves ideal for surfing. Although you can surf throughout the year, the perfect time to surf the Irish waters are during spring and summer with temperature averaging around 16°C in months of August to September. But if you feel that the water is calling you, then go ahead and surf even as the temperature dips around 8°C during the coldest months of the year from January to February. Some surfers suggest donning a 5mm wetsuit, boots, and gloves from October to April. While the rest of the months call for a 3mm wetsuit. Beginner surfers don’t need to shy away from this water activity as there are professional coaches offering classes available at surf clubs almost everywhere in Ireland. 

Sub-aqua diving

With a beautiful coastline stretching about 5,600 km, Ireland has one of the most diverse underwater eco-system in the world. Sub-aqua diving runs starting from March until October. Many tourists who tried this water activity love to see the unusual cornucopia of sub-aqua flora and fauna. But the highlights of the tour are seeing the hundreds of sunken shipwreck untouched for centuries in their silent abode. 

Wakeboarding and waterskiing

Extreme sports in Ireland are becoming more popular over the past few years. Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies want to have the most powerful boats they can put their hands on. Riding these high-powered boats they show off their aerial maneuvers, spins, inverts and grabs on almost every corner of the Irish shorelines. Most beach resorts or facilities are well equipped so thrill seekers just need to bring their own towels and swimsuit. 


Hailed as one of the best windsurfing locations on earth, Ireland has beautiful lush greeneries views with an addition of historic castles. The top rated places to windsurf in Irish skies include Clew Bay in Mayo, Brandon Bay in Kerry, and Port Stewart in Londonderry. Most facilities have an all-inclusive package, so let the wind take you high on Irish skies. 

Don’t forget safety

Even if the Irish waters call you, and the temptation of fun adrenaline pumping activities keep you on your toes, don’t ever forget about safety. Pack all necessary safety equipment and first aid kit with you whenever and wherever. Always let someone knows where you are going and make sure you have an extra battery pack or power bank at hand in case of emergency.

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