Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Best Family Activities in Antigua


Antigua ranks as the best island for a family holiday in the Caribbean region. It has the shortest direct flight going into the region which parents would appreciate. There are no waiting line, no connecting flight to catch, and best of all, no long hours waiting at the airport. You and your kids will be hitting the beach water in no time.

To get the most out of your family vacation, take time to explore the island as much as you can. You’ll find numerous ways to spend quality time with your kids, as Antigua offers a lot of family-friendly tours and activities for all. From the breathtaking Rainforest Zipline tour to the unique café suspended in midair, and Jeep safari tours to take you into the most secluded parts of the island, you’ll find Antigua a very interesting place. 

It may surprise you that their culinary expertise is that of world-class prestige. They even have guided tours to take you in their exotic tropical fruits tour that will let you taste their sweet mangoes, bananas, and pineapple. Top tourist destinations in Antigua include Devil’s Bridge, Hell’s Gate, and Pillars of Hercules. Here are some of the best places to visit in Antigua.

Devil's Bridge

This tourist destination is for the brave hearts and adventurous spirit. One look at this place will treat your eyes looking at the intense power of Mother Nature. It’s truly breathtaking scenery – every bit of it. Witness as the Atlantic Ocean powerful currents wore away the limestone in each rolling waves. As great as the view looks, there’s a bit of dark history behind it. Devil’s bridge earned its name because a lot of sugar plantation slaves often threw themselves off the bridge into the deadly waters below. The place is known for its uneven rocky terrain, even for expert hikers, it’s a bit of challenge crossing the bridge. You can, however, watch from a distance and enjoy shopping from vendors selling different assortments of souvenirs.

Betty's Hope

Back in the mid-1600s, Betty’s Hope was a former sugar plantation under the British Colonial rule. Today, you can see remnants of two windmills; one was just restored a couple of years back while the other windmill is still waiting to be restored as well. If traveling near the vicinity, make sure to make a quick stopover at this place. There is plenty to learn from their sugar plantation history as well as other grim facts about slavery. There are several types of machinery on display that were used back in the days. The site isn’t manned so be sure to leave your entrance fee in their honesty box located at their small information center. 

Hell's Gate

Hell’s Gate is a rock formation within the Hell’s Gate National Park which is only accessible via boat. Many tourists are able to stop here as part of their Eco Tour. The place has calm waters perfect for day swimming and snorkeling. But for the adrenaline junkies, they walk through the cave and swim in the cave’s pool. It features a little tunnel where you can climb to the top and have this amazing view of the clear blue waters on the horizon. Nevertheless, there are plenty of photo opportunities that are all post worthy. 

Nelson's Dockyard

Back in the early days of civilization, a time when England and France race to rule the world, the famous British seaman named Horatio Nelson made Antigua his English Harbor. He stationed there to keep France from taking over this strategic location and the rest of English-ruled Caribbean region. Today, his keep was known as Nelson’s Dockyard and still a working seaport. There are a number of stone buildings, cafes, restaurants, and other high-end shops in its shorelines. 

The cobbled street will remind you a bit of its history, and there’s a museum which shows how the place looked like during the colonial era. 

Pillars of Hercules

Named after the famous mythological icon, Hercules, this rock formation is only visible by riding a boat. On its façade, it looks like Hercules standing at the front of Strait of Gibraltar while the limestone rocks stand at Charlotte Point. It’s dangerous to get near the pillars without an expert boater since rip tides occasionally formed near its shores. For years, Antiguans have been trying to put this amazing rock formation in the Seven Wonders of the World; hopefully, it will soon rein the list. 

Valley Church Bay

To top off your trip to this beautiful Caribbean region, you can swim in its most popular beach, Valley Church. Located on the south of Jolly Harbor, on the west coast, it rests on Lignum Vitae Bay. Grab the opportunity to swim in its pristine clear waters and sandy beach. You can just grab your things as snacks are widely available from local vendors, saves a lot of time in preparation. Many visitors recommend going to this beach.

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